Bedford & Pearce
5 ft. 2 in.
220 lbs.
159 cm.
100 kg



Deadly Women 'Kill the Competition' Wanda Stopa's Mother Dave Wallace
Home and Away - Episode 6436 Cathy/Injured Woman David Gould
Deadly Women 'Total Control' Kathy MacDonald Katie Hides
Haunting: Australia Mrs Mitchell Matt Bird
Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse Courtroom Gallery Norman Neeson
Deadly Women 'Terrie Robinson' Neighbour Katie Hides
Behind Mansion Walls 'Heir to a Misfortune' Linda DeMayo James Cox
Haul Anchor (Pilot) Marine Participant Ashley Bennett
Bali: Dark Side of Paradise Christine Raeside Louise Meek
Crownies 'Bolt Cutter Sisters' Jury Forewoman


Telstra Mobile Network 'The Network without Equal' Ballet Mum Owen Trevor
Aldi 'So Fresh Bananas' Wife Christopher Hill
Visa 'Best Seat in the House' Mum Ash Bolland
Emporia Toilet Tissue Lady in Car Jess McElroy
Real Insurance 'Better with Age' Wine Lady Aaron Schereck
Thums Up Person in Street
Bouygues Telecom Person in Street
Commonwealth Bank Shopper


The Quarantine Hauntings Dr Amelia Connors Bianca Biasi & Arnold Perez
Mad Max III Beyond Thunderdome Barter Town Person George Miller
Bodyline Cricket Fan George Miller
Silver City Passenger on Train Sophia Turkiewicz

Educational Film

Sisters of Charity: Gameplay Ana Gibson International
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) Presenter/Voice Over - Dough Making Beth Cappellazzo
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) Presenter/Voice Over - Plansifter Beth Cappellazzo
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) Presenter/Voice Over - Wheat Falling Number Beth Cappellazzo
Aged Care Channel - Elder Abuse Ellen Martin - Manager Zoe Harvey
Aged Care Channel - Case Management in a Home Carisse/Case Management Worker Kylie Fleming
Aged Care Channel - How to Document in a Home Robyn/Case Worker - Game Show Contestant Kylie Fleming
Nexium Doctor's Patient


Nationwide Capital Finance Presenter/Host Harry Michaels


The Accused Prosecutor Kerrie King
The Diary of Anne Frank Mrs Petronella Van Daan (Best Supporting Actress) Anthony Stirling-Edgar


Census Woman on Bus Home Buyer

Short Film

Potato Fiction Michelle Rutabaga Daniele Mendoza
Checkmate Flatmate Mother Brandon Jones
I'll Finish Up Here Widow Beth Cappa
ZombieFail Town Mayor Paul Morrison
1 in 5 Film Project Wharehouse Supervisor Zoe Harvey
Houndogma Jesse's Mama Alex Transberg
Beneath the Waves Helen Renee Marie Petropoulos
Be Nice Snob Lady Alex Haddad


Casting Workshop - Acting Thea McLeod - Thea McLeod Casting TAFTA
Master Class - Acting Stevie Ray - McGregor Casting Redfern Acting Studio
Master Class - Acting Ian Watson - Director Sydney Drama School
Master Class - Acting Peter Andrikidis - Director Sydney Drama School
Master Class - Acting Samantha Lang - Director Sydney Drama School
Acting Technique Richard Cornally Sydney Drama School
One on One Coaching/Mentoring Bianca Biasi The Actors Hub
Advanced Camera Technique Gabriella Maselli-McGrail Sydney Drama School
Advanced Creative Core Bianca Biasi The Actors Hub
Transform Your Ad Audition Gabriella Maselli McGrail Sydney Drama School
The Actors Gym Bianca Biasi & Troy Harrison The Actors Hub
Acting Master Class Stevie Ray Redfern Acting Studio
Audition Buster & Showreel Test Scene Class Bianca Biasi & Troy Harrison The Actors Hub
Audition Master Class Faith Martin Faith Martin
Hollywood Speak American Accent Workshop Katherine Beck & Natasha McNamara Katherine Beck & Natasha McNamara
Meisner Master Class Brendan McDonald National Institute Dramatic Art (NIDA)
Voice Coaching Kate Houston Kate Houston
Creative Core - Part 2 Bianca Biasi The Actors Hub
Creative Core - Part 1 Bianca Biasi The Actors Hub
Audition Mastery Jose Element The Actors Hub
Producer/Director Workshop Louise Meek & Norman Meeson The Actors Hub
Script Analysis & Audition Mastery Tom McSweeney & Vic Trevino The Actors Hub
Awarded Best Supporting Actress - Mrs Petronella Van Daan - The Diary of Anne Frank - 2017 Director/Stage Play Susan Boyd has given me a powerful performance in my stage production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" portraying Mr's Petronella Van Daan. A truly gut wrenching performance of the highest quality on stage. Anthony Brown - Director Ruby Productions Producer/Director/Writer/Educational Training Video Susan Boyd is a consummate actor. She prepares for her role, and always comes to set knowing her lines and with a solid understanding of the intent of the character she’s playing. She is open to, and takes direction, very well. At the heart of her motivation is an evident passion for drama, and to play her role to the best of her ability. She has great screen presence and is a pleasure to work with. Zoe Harvey - Producer/Director/Writer Torrid Films Director/Drama Crime re-enactment/Foxtel Susan played a large role in the re-enactment story featuring the Australian murderer Patricia Goddard for the program “Deadly Women”. I am drama director for this program and have completed four seasons of the show for the production company Beyond International. I found Susan particularly well prepared - she independently sourced video recordings of her real life character, Cathy O’Brien, in order to replicate Cathy’s speech and facial idiosyncrasies – and a joy to have on set. Her work is authentic and moving and not only does she take direction well, she relishes feedback and continually works to improve her performance. I would cast Susan again in the blink of an eye. In my opinion she is an excellent actor and would not hesitate to recommend her to other industry professionals. I wish her the best of luck in her continuing endeavors. Katie Hides - Screenwriter/Director Beyond Productions Drama Crime re-enactment/Nine Network Susan is a talented and dedicated actor. I was particularly impressed by her work with me on a re-enactment for Network Nine. The role was emotionally and physically demanding - and she pulled it off superbly. Louise Meek - Producer/Director Eegenda Drama Class/Drama Coach As an actor, Susan is talented, creative, resourceful and highly professional. Susan was a student in my "Acting on Camera" class in Sydney. I have worked as a drama professor and professional actor for over twenty years. I thoroughly enjoyed having Susan in my class. I found her work on-camera to be honest, immediate, and always 'in the moment'. She takes direction well, employs a strong sense of 'self' in her work without veering into cliche or stereotype. I remember a time in class when we were working with the technical demands that the Camera imposes upon Film/TV actors. Susan rose up to the challenge beautifully. Being able to work within the technical confines of the Camera is crucial to all Film actors. I can honestly say that Susan understands the technical demands that are imposed upon by the Camera and is able to work truthfully. Vic Trevino.