5 ft. 9 in.
118 lbs.
174 cm.
54 kg
6 3/4


Project S.E.E.D. (TeePee Studios) Claire McAllister Thomas Sutcliffe, Peter Daly
Neighbours (Channel 11) Clara Winter Tony Osicka
Underbelly (Channel 9) Matron Sheringham Karl Zwicky
Winners & Losers (Channel 7) Nina Maroun Jean-Pierre Mignon
Under (MMMedia - Documentary Pilot) Architecture Academic Malcolm Burt


Venture (SF) Beth (Lead) Michael Irwin
The Sound of Love (SF) Sally (Lead) Alex Richter
Milestones (SF) Maria (Lead) Frances Mariani
The Oddfellow's Daughter (FF) Rebekah Drielink (Lead) Peter Milne
Frankie (FF) Diane Amanda Duckworth
Confessions of a Drunkard (SF) Glamour Puss Monte Macpherson
Hide & Seek (SF) Naomi Cecilia Rossiter
Slayton Manor (SF) Lady Slayton Julia O'Connor
Black & Blue (SF) Head Triage Nurse Nicholas Jeffries
Anna's Song (SF) Anna (Lead) Sarah Petrie-Allbutt
Carol's Christmas (SF) Natalie Rachel Ross
Untitled (SF) Marie (Lead) Peter T Nathan
The Lie of Red and White (SF) Sally (Lead) Raja Fadzli
Butterflies in Glass (SF) Beautiful Girl (Lead) Denis Hamilton
Morning (SF) Wife Mark Burkett
The Hipflash Noose (SF) Heather Oliver Coulter
The Time It Takes For A Picture To Develop (SF) Adele Louise Sawtell


RIOT Janette Thomas Ian Doyle
Jesus! Live! Here! Tonight! Spinning Time Lord Kat Henry
Madame Tulalah's Magnificent Box Madame Tulalah's Assistant Richard Chambers & Melinda Hetzel
Terminus Character A Shane Savage - North of Eight Co.
The Process Hope Springsey John Gauci
The Tempest Prospero Jennifer Sarah Dean - Melbourne Shakespeare Co.
The Man of Mode Belinda Dirk Hoult, Chapel Off Chapel
The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse Candida Nervosa Jo Loth
Grimm Tales Multiple Roles (x10) Michael Futcher - Queensland Theatre Co.
'Til Death Do Us Part Multiple Roles (x5) Ben Knapton - The Brides of Frank
Oodgeroo Multiple Characters (x5) Sean Mee - La Boite Theatre Co.
The Greater Plague The Nurse/The Protagonist Nic Dorward - Restaged History Project
The Pillowman Mothers (x3) Michelle Miall - 23rd Company
Attack of the Attacking Attackers Tiffany/Eva (Twins) Nic Dorward - La Boite Theatre Co.
The Laramie Project Multiple Characters (x7) Lucas Stibbard, Brisbane Powerhouse
Corporate Doris Louise Marshall - Loulabelle Productions
The Waisted Girlie Show with Martin Martini Kosha Stavewood Scott Maidment - Strut'n'Fret Productions
Where Is Joy? Joy Hester Margi Brown Ash
Hamlet Stooged Gertrude Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Up Jumped The Devil Multiple Characters Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
The Tale of Macbeth: Crown of Blood Lady Macbeth Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Oedipus Rex Jocasta Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Rashomon The Medium Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
A Midsummer Nights Romeos Juliet Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Doll Seventeen Multiple Characters (x2) Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Myrrah The Queen / Chorus Diane Cilento
Salome Sphinx Sister / Chorus Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
Heavy Metal Hamlet Gravedigger / Chorus Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.
The Romance of Orpheus Chorus Jacqui Carroll - Frank Theatre Co.


Care Australia Hero GMB Films
Toyota Mum Eden Diebel
iSelect Surly Receptionist DOGBOY
Bosistos Wife Robby Douglas Turner
Kleenex Hero Matt Palmer


Fugusan (soundscape) Live Vinyl DJ for solo dance work Lisa O'Neill
The Love That We Knew (soundscape) Vinyl DJ for solo dance work Lisa O'Neill
Ghostings (soundscape) Vinyl DJ for Multimedia Performance Lisa O'Neill, Jeremy Hynes


Katherine Beck 2019 American Accent Freeway
Howard Fine 2019 Masterclass (auditor)
Barbara Hastings 2019 General American Accent Coaching
Howard Fine Acting Studio 2019 Sarah Hallam Scene Study
16th Street Actors Studio 2019 Ian Rickson Royal Court Retrospective Masterclass
16th Street Actors Studio 2019 Larry Moss Masterclass (auditor)
Helen Howard 2019 British Accent Dialect Coaching
16th Street Actors Studio 2019 MatchFit Scene Study - Iain Sinclair
Howard Fine Acting Studio 2019 The Process - Marilyn McIntyre
Integrated Actor Training 2016-current Emma Louise Pursey (teacher)
Howard Fine 2017 Howard Fine Masterclass (auditor)
Rama Nicholas 2013 Improvisation
Melbourne Actors Lab 2010-2012 Peter Kalos
MAA Casting / Director Workshops 1 2009-2017 Peter Rasmussen, Roger Hodgman, Jonathan Geraghty
MAA Casting / Director Workshops 2 2009-2017 Bill Hughes, Alison Telford, Paul Weber
Casting Director Workshop 2009 Ben Parkinson, Sue Manger
Equity Casting Hothouse 2009 Dina Mann, Christine King, Matt Skrobalak, et al
Acting for Film and Television 2005-2006 The Actors Workshop: Lyn Kidd
Ichiro Nakayama: London Intensive 2001 Suzuki Actor Training Method
The Suzuki Actor Training Method 1997-2007 Frank Theatre Co.: Jacqui Carroll, John Nobbs
Ellen Lauren: SITI Co. / SCOT 1999 Suzuki Actor Training Method
RAD Ballet Syllabus 1983-1992 Multiple Schools
WEBSITE: www.emmalouisepursey.com TEACHING WEBSITE: www.integratedactortraining.com Emma Louise Pursey teaches her Suzuki-based Integrated Actor Training at Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia, The National Theatre, Film & Television Studio International, and independently. OTHER CURRENT / RECENT PROJECTS: 2019: The Odd Thing (SF - pre-production) - Role: Co-writer/Co-director/Actor Emma Louise produced and cast short film THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU directed by Damian McLindon. It was Third Prize Winner at Tropfest 2018, Best Film at Port Shorts Film Festival 2018, made Director's Top Ten Pick's at Encounter's Short Film Festival (Bristol, England) 2018, Best Short Film at Peninsula Film Festival 2019, and has just featured at Glasgow Film Festival 2019. It is currently streaming on Ozflix. AWARDS: 2010 Dell'Arte Award Best Supporting Actress, (Multiple x6) Oodgeroo, La Boite Theatre Co. 1999 Dell'Arte Award Best Supporting Actress, (The Medium) Rashomon, Frank Theatre Co. FESTIVALS: 2017                Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts, Melbourne (Director, Evocation of Butoh) 2017 & 2009  Brisbane Festival, (Madame Tulalah / The Brides of Frank) 2012                Melbourne Fringe Festival (Four Accordionists of The Apocalypse) 2007                Frank Theatre Showcase for Tadashi Suzuki,   (LaBoite Theatre, Brisbane) 2007                Adelaide Fringe Festival & APAM (The Brides of Frank) 2006                London Festival (Frank Theatre)                         Aberystwyth University Theatre Festival, Wales (Frank Theatre) 2004                Adana International Arts Festival, Turkey (Frank Theatre)                         (Lady Macbeth opposite principal Suzuki actor Okubo Noriaki) 2004                Brisbane Cabaret Festival (The Brides of Frank) 2003                European Regions Festival, Czech Republic (Frank Theatre) 2003                Toga Spring Arts Festival, Japan (Frank Theatre) 2002                6th International Youth Theatre Festival, Croatia (Frank Theatre) 2000                Shizuoka Spring Arts Festival, Japan (Frank Theatre) 1999                2nd International Theatre Olympics, Shizuoka, Japan (Frank Theatre) INDEPENDENT THEATRE COMPANY: 2002-2016 The Brides of Frank Co-Director / Founding Member / Performer The Brides of Frank were one of Queensland's foremost independent theatre companies and cultural exports throughout the 2000s. The Brides were an ensemble comprising of the diversely talented Caroline Dunphy, Lisa O'Neill, Emma Louise Pursey, Leah Shelton and Neridah Waters. Collectively they created a new style of theatre: precision camp. Oozing glamour, parody, schmooze and dysfunction, they used their Suzuki-based training through Frank Theatre to create dynamic comedic performances that shocked, enthralled and delighted audiences everywhere they went.